Christine Waters Shooters Hill, London

Sylvia helped the school environment, as a colleague and a teacher by being an excellent Maths teacher and Form Tutor. She always maintained high standards in her academic and pastoral roles. Students wanted to be in her classes as they realised they would enjoy their learning and make good progress. She was totally inclusive in her approach which made the least able pupils confident when tackling problems.

She adopted a firm but friendly method of teaching and would not tolerate laziness or poor behaviour. Her lessons were well structured and students were clear about their next steps for progress. Positive feedback was given regularly and work was always marked and discussed individually. Students were made to feel confident and comfortable about approaching her for further help. Extra curricular sessions were always available after school and at lunch time.

As a Form Tutor she was happy to tackle difficult topics with individuals and the whole class in tutorial sessions. Sylvia was a role model to children and parents alike. She did not flinch at calling parents in, to discuss progress or pastoral issues. She was very well respected by parents and staff. New members of staff modelled their teaching on hers. She was an excellent mentor of new teachers and a good role model for us all.

The school was a large multi-ethnic, London, comprehensive with many disadvantaged youngsters. We accommodated Somalian refugees and Asian children but alongside the white working class population were a large number of middle class black and white children. Sylvia  was a strong opponent of equality and equal opportunities and was not afraid to voice her opinions regarding these issues. She was never one to 'sit on the fence' when these issues were raised.

As an ex colleague (now retired) I have the privilege of spending some time with her twin boys. They are bright, funny and hard working; an absolute pleasure to be with and to teach. They are extremely eager to learn and to progress. They confidently challenge new ideas and happily offer their own ideas. They are polite, mature and good all-rounders; just as happy making a cake as doing a science project. Their thirst for knowledge is insatiable. Their enquiring minds are directly attributed to Sylvia's method of teaching and parenting. Her positive approach to teaching has made her a good parent. She uses the same skills with her boys as I witnessed her using with the students. She is a role model to us all. That is why I have no hesitation in encouraging participation in one of her parenting courses.

Christine Waters

Retired Deputy Head Teacher

I have known Sylvia for over 5 years now and worked very closely with her to support her business and used the products that she recommended for me and my family. Sylvia is a very determined and forward looking entrepreneur. She is dedicated to growing her business and loves to help others grow their business and find solutions to manage their lives. Sylvia has been an excellent tutor to my daughter when she was preparing for GCSE's, a year ago, and she has not only directed my daughter but has also instilled confidence in her ability to achieve the best grade she can in Maths GSCE. My daughter finds her very easy to work with and exceptionally knowledgeable and very patient as a tutor. She is also very understanding and takes time to go over the basics as many times as necessary and this makes my daughter feel great working with her. I have met Sylvia's twin sons several times and they are absolutely delightful, well rounded, happy and very bright young boys. Since I have known Sylvia, I have observed that being a parent is the most important aspect of her life and a mother she has dedicated herself to the growth, development and well-being of her sons. This is evident in her boys, they are bright, very grounded and hungry to learn and grow. I would highly recommend Sylvia and her parenting webinars. She can share gems of wisdom and experience with other parents out there as this is probably the most important job or vocation any parent will ever face in their life time. With Sylvia's help, every parent has got a greater chance of doing the job of being a parent right! Manny Gabri – Business and Clarity Coach
Allister Sheffield Sherborne School - Deputy Head

Speaking as a parent [regarding the course], we really liked the motivational slant – the ‘I did it, so can you’ inspiration. The picture messaging is upbeat and encouraging. The pragmatic section on ‘domestics’ is very helpful and although not glamorous, reflects reality and important!

"I met Sylvia through the business networking group she founded in summer 2015. At most meetings, in 2017, you would see her two boys there... and that's SEE not hear. She taught them from home, for a year! They're easy to miss if you didn't look.

For 120-minutes they got on with their reading/school work and didn't make a single sound. To say they're well behaved is an understatement.

When you talk to them they speak with a gentle voice, smile, look you in the face and are polite and engaging...a real pleasure to chat to.

It also appears they get on well with each other as brothers and do not squabble.

As Sylvia clearly self-taught them at home they're growing up to very well-rounded boys in a world where respect and courtesy seem to be falling to the wayside."

Tim Coe – Marketing Specialist

Val Anderson Salisbury

The challenge is what not to include as there are so many positive things to say about Sylvia and all that she is!

It is my absolute privilege to write some observations of Sylvia.  I have known and worked with her for what seems such a long time since Sylvia is such an indomitable and yet grounded force of a woman who is filled with so many qualities it is hard to list all of them. She is multi-talented - successful teacher, business woman, entrepreneur and where she shines the most is being a wonderful loving mother.

Her delightful children are kind, intelligent, respectful, open, musical, creative, happy and oh so well rounded which of course is the best compliment any parent can have.  But it is no surprise when one considers the loving, compassionate, guiding light and balanced role model and parent she is for her children.

Sylvia is incredibly organised, creative, hard-working, fearless, free spirited, intuitive, patient, a good listener and fun.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend new parents to sign up for her parenting courses.  Anyone who works with Sylvia would not be disappointed.  She is a delight."

Val Anderson – Craniosacral Therapist

Soula Poku - Psychotherapist Leeds

Sylvia is putting on webinars for mums.  She has two amazing boys and she has invaluable resources to offer to parents.  I have been so amazed as I have watched her overcome parenting challenges.

She is quite something.