Are You an Ambitious Parent?

I help a group of parents with ambitions to take their life and family to great heights. They say:
“YES, I do want my life as a parent to look different from today, I can see I will be able to achieve my ambitions in a way I have not been able to see, before.”

Is Your Aim a Confident Child?

Did you know, every small achievement, a child has, it is important to take the time to tell them how proud of them you are? This is not to say, give them unworthy praise. What is important, is that those moments you take to praise your children, gives them confidence to challenge themselves and achieve in life. 


Sylvia’s positive approach to teaching has made her a good parent. She uses the same skills with her boys as I witnessed her using with the students. She is a role model to us all. That is why I have no hesitation in encouraging participation in one of her parenting courses. Christine Waters Retired Deputy Head Teacher.

I would highly recommend Sylvia and her parenting webinars. She can share gems of wisdom and experience with other parents out there as this is probably the most important job or vocation any parent will ever face in their life time. Manny Gabri, Business and Clarity Coach.

I would highly recommend new parents to sign up for her parenting courses.  Anyone who works with Sylvia would not be disappointed.  She is a delight. Valerie Anderson, Craniosacral Therapist.