Home School Relationships

A Webinar to help you Work from Home and Help You with Home-School Relationships

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It is ok to feel like bursting into tears, meeting conflicting demands.

“Sylvia was a role model to children and parents alike. She continually discussed and worked with parents on pupil progress and pastoral issues. She was very well respected by parents and staff.” Christine Waters, Retired Deputy Head

You probably already know that you need some help with home-school relationships for your children to have their education and for you to get some work done.

This is a final webinar in the series of webinars given over the summer. The original was called Home Virtual Schooling. This webinar incorporates all of Home Virtual Schooling and brings in some very important added help for returning to school in September 2020 and beyond.

Stop worrying about how it is working or going to work…

I’m helping you to manage the unavoidable stress of this situation and balance competing priorities.

For you, I have a webinar called, ‘Home School Relationships’ to help you to create your order to your work…return school (a number of children at the same time)…preparing and understanding all the  adjustments…BACK TO SCHOOL for everyone…



In the webinar I highlight, despite the strain of starting this very new chapter of your child’s education 'back to school', you are enough. You will learn, know and, by the end, believe you are doing your best, your best is enough, each day, and there is no need to compare yourself to others.

Sooner or later you’ll get tired of kidding yourself that 'back to school' is going well for you as a working mother and you need the Home School-Relationships Webinar to get it right.

Do you want it get to that regretful point where it’s obvious that you need to do something to…do the best for your children’s education and get some work done for your own self-development.

You can try to keep going as you are but it will be costing you your child’s education and your work that you should be doing.

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