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The pandemic has dealt you a number of blows.

These are the things you’ve got going on – work, homeschooling (sometimes…but you don’t know when!), possibly a number of children,

It’s hard to concentrate on your work.

I’m here to help.

You are attempting to juggle working from home (sometimes…but you don’t know when!) while looking after your children and trying to help them with schooling. This is challenging. If you are starting or thinking about something new in terms of your self-development, it is tempting to give up. I say don’t! It is ok to feel like bursting into tears, meeting conflicting demands.

You once knew exactly where your children were in life and where you were with your children and how you help and support them. With the pandemic, this is not the case, any more. Your children need help with their education and life. You need help with your self-development and your children.

The help is in the form of a FREE conversation. Click here.

I can help you map out family solutions for where you are now. I can help you get to where you want to be.