Designer Credits

This page is to credit designers who have brought my website and webinars to life with their beautiful images and design work.

This page is not complete and I am continually adding photographer's names.

  • Marilena Anagnostopoulou - Has achieved the amazing task of making my chosen images for the webinars look attractive in that most subtle way designers do. She can be contacted at: ***

Below is the credits for the photographers of the images where possible:

  • Nathaniel Tetteh
  • Robert Collins
  • Jenna Norman
  • Caroline Hernandez
  • Ketan Rajput
  • Seth Hays
  • Marissa Price
  • Alexander Dummer
  • Hal Gatewood
  • Element5 Digital
  • Glenn-Carstens-Peters
  • Victoria Heath
  • Hannah Tasker