Sylvia's Parenting Four Minute Fables for £4

Straightforward 4 minute Mini but Mighty Training for the Working Mother

Sylvia's Parenting 4 Minute Fables - £4

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Do you feel like you’re supposed to just knuckle down and put your mind to it in order to have it all? Even worse, you have to pretend that you do?

These Parenting Four Minute Fables will assume everything that goes with being a working mother. 

The standout thing for you should be that I’m not trying to advance one magic mode of living, rather I’m saying to you we all have to see there is no panacea when it comes to bringing up children and what you have to do to make things work (or not).

Sylvia's Parenting Four Minute Fables will give you some insight on how I approach things. There isn’t a silver bullet but there are changes you can make and in turn be good role models for the future.

The 'mighty' part is the support and learning you will get with each fable.

Are you looking for something quick and handy that recognises the truth about life and work after children?

You are you! This is whether you are with your children, doing something for your children, doing something with your children or working. These Parenting Four Minute Fables are a  manifesto on the myth of the doing it all, having it all super-mum.

Intentionally, each Fable is terrifyingly helpful!

I will be conveying the Fables to you making sure I'm not thoroughly depressing you.

Dare you imagine… a key resource for the working mother?

Sylvia's Parenting Four Minute Fables are the key resource on modern motherhood. These Fables are funny, too.

Bringing up children should be easier but these Fables are no-holds-barred stories, understanding...bringing up children is not easy.


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